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Welcome to Z3Blog, this is a Single-Page-Blog based on ASP.NET MVC framework, open source for free download


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Feel free to report any bugs and post questions on the message board, to help Z3Blog get better 


    1. Developed based on ASP.NET MVC 4 + EF4 + Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

    2. Using powerful Razor technology for front-end management, no traditional management page or site anymore, both admin and normal user interface on same page.

    3. Using JQuery + HTML5 + CSS3 on the front-end to achieve whole site ajaxable so that all actions will no longer trigger screen refresh, single-page-application & desktop-app-like

    4. Cross-browser supported,tests have been finished on IE10, IE11, IE Edge, FireFox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, OperaNext (It doesn't support IE6~IE8 theoretically, haven't tested yet)

    5. Responsive web design and cross-cellphone-browser supported, tests have been finished on WP8.1 IE,UC,QQ,Safari

    6. For more details and configuration guide please check the zip file

Update log:

2016.3.9: v1.3 released

Bugs fixed:

    1. Copy/Paste text into KindEditor will be put in the end

    2. Change article status won't change the number on the navigation bar

Improvement & Optimization:

    1. Added Auto Save as draft function

    2. Split different article type with different color

    3. Upgraded jquery version to 2.2.1

    4. Optimized js and css

2015.9.1: v1.2 released

Bugs fixed:

    1. Edit article won't update static page

    2. Fixed preview of article issue

Improvement & Optimization:

    1. Added Archive function on navigation bar

    2. Added file deletion function in File Management of KindEditor

    3. Added go back function on edit page

    4. Optimized css structure

2015.8.25: v1.1 released

Bugs fixed:

    1. Edit article will reset count of article read and comment

    2. After reset the status to Trash or Draft, article cannot be retrieved anymore

    3. Data on navigation bar will never be changed

    4. RSS will catch drafts

Improvement & Optimization:

    1. Comment and message board now supports simple UBB and faces

    2. Message board now supports shift line

    3. Optimized Message board structure, shrink the refresh area to save loading time

    4. Added function to calculate word number

    5. Added anchor for pagination to prevent always jump to page 1

    6. Optimized the home page data creation

    7. Optimized js and css

2015.8.18: v1.0 released

Only a prototype, next version is coming soon!